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CNC programming tips

1, the use of computer simulation system

With the development of computer technology and the continuous expansion of CNC machining teaching, CNC machining simulation system is becoming more and more available, and its functions are becoming more and more perfect. Therefore, it can be used to initially check the program and observe the movement of the tool to determine whether there is a possible collision.

2, the use of CNC machining center comes with the simulation display function

Generally more advanced CNC machining center has a graphic display function. When the program is entered, you can call the graphic simulation display function to observe the tool’s motion trajectory in detail in order to check whether the tool and the workpiece or fixture are likely to collide.

3、Use the empty running function of CNC machining center

Using the empty running function of CNC machining center can check the correctness of the tool path. When the program is entered into the CNC machining center, you can load the tool or workpiece, and then press the empty run button, at this time the spindle does not rotate, the table runs automatically according to the program trajectory, then you can find out whether the tool may collide with the workpiece or fixture. However, in this case it must be ensured that when the workpiece is installed, the tool cannot be installed; when the tool is installed, the workpiece cannot be installed, otherwise a collision will occur.

4、Use the locking function of CNC machining center

General CNC machining center has a locking function (full lock or single-axis lock). When the input program, lock the Z-axis, you can determine whether a collision will occur by the coordinate value of the Z-axis. The application of this function should avoid tool change and other operations, otherwise the program can not be made through.

5、The setting of coordinate system and tool complement must be correct

When starting the CNC machining center, must set the CNC machining center reference point. CNC machining center work coordinate system should be consistent with the programming, especially the Z-axis direction, if the error, the possibility of milling tool and workpiece collision is very large. In addition, the setting of tool length compensation must be correct, otherwise, either empty machining or collision will occur.

6、Improve programming skills

Programming is a crucial aspect of CNC machining, and improving programming skills can avoid some unnecessary collisions to a large extent.

For example, milling the workpiece cavity, when the milling is completed, the milling tool needs to quickly return to 100mm above the workpiece, if the N50 G00 X0 Y0 Z100 programming, then the CNC machining center will be three axis linkage, the milling tool is likely to collide with the workpiece, resulting in damage to the tool and the workpiece, seriously affecting the CNC machining center accuracy, then the following program can be used N40 G00 Z100; N50 X0 Y0; that is, the tool first back to 100mm above the workpiece, and then return to the programming zero point, so it will not collide.



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