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Laser Welding and Laser Cutting

Laser welding service is a relatively new concept and can be difficult these days to find a company you can trust to provide this type of technique. That is why, at High Tech, we are proud to offer it to our customers. This type of welding is an effective method for joining small parts with tight tolerances. To affect change and weld two or more separate pieces of metal together, laser welding uses laser beams to melt the ends and/or edge areas of the pieces. Because laser welding simply uses laser beams, the process does not require the addition of filter material of any kind. In addition, it can be performed in tubes and in open air settings alike. Laser welding is a popular welding process for a number of reasons. In the petrochemical, military and defense, medical, lab research, electronics and aerospace industries in particular, Laser welding service is popular because, one, it requires less heat input that most other processes and because, two, it has deep penetration abilities. Also, the laser welding process can be completed rather quickly.

At MS Machining We Offer Laser Welding Service

MS Machining is a leading laser cutting factory for laser precision and micro cutting. We have a large format high power laser cutting machine with a power of 20,000 watts, and a high-speed laser tube cutting machine with a power of 8000 watts. Over a decade of proven production experience and continuous investment in new equipment, which has provided us with expertise cutting of most metals by laser machine. MS Machining is a custom laser cutting factory, supplies top of Laser welding service  and to the leading OEM brands in the world.

MS Machining laser cutting factory uses modern high-powered Laser welding service for precision custom laser cutting from prototype through production. We have been providing our customers with the highest quality products, fastest service, and competitive pricing since 2004. Contact our sales department today and your products can be manufactured at the speed of light!

Ms Machining provide custom laser cutting for nickel, brass, aluminum, tool steel, stainless steel, titanium and other materials worked. Our precision Laser welding service for the aerospace, automotive and defense industries. Prototype to production volume is available.Laser welding service by Ms Machining makes ordering your parts simple. Just send us your CAD files onto the platform for an instant price and lead time. Our mission is to save engineers’ time for value-adding activities. If you have any questions, you can check our custom laser cutting quote page for more information or turn to our engineers via email.

Advantages of laser cutting machine

1、High precision: It is suitable for the cutting of precision parts and the fine cutting of various craft words and paintings.

2、Fast speed: more than 100 times of wire cutting.

3、Small heat-affected zone, not easy to deformation. The cut is flat and beautiful, without post-processing.

4, cost-effective: the price is only 1/3 of similar performance CO2 laser cutting machine, and the same efficacy of CNC punching machine 2 / 5.

5, the use of very low cost: only 1/8 to 1/10 of similar CO2 laser laser cutting machine, the cost per hour is only about 18 yuan, the cost per hour of CO2 laser cutting machine is about 150 ~ 180 yuan.

6, the follow-up maintenance costs are very low: only 1/10 to 1/15 of similar CO2 laser cutting machine, and the same efficacy of CNC punching machine 1/3 to 1/4.

7, stable performance, to ensure continuous production. Solid-state YAG laser is one of the most stable and mature products in the laser field.

8, and CNC punching machine comparison, YAG laser cutting machine has the following advantages.

(1) can complete the processing of a variety of complex structures, as long as any image can be drawn on the computer, the machine can complete the processing.

(2) no need to open the mold, only in the computer will make the drawing, the product can come out immediately, that is, to quickly develop new products, but also to save costs.

(3) YAG cutting machine has automatic tracking system, so that can complete the plane cutting, can also complete a variety of uneven surface cutting.

(4) Complex process requirements of CNC punching machine is difficult to complete, the laser cutting can do.

(5) The surface is very smooth, the product grade is very high, CNC punching machine is difficult to do.

(6) molding of the box (within 0.5 meters thick) need to increase the hole slot and other processing, CNC punching machine can not handle, YAG CNC metal laser cutting machine can solve.

MS Machining has a wide range of CNC laser welding machines to supplies high quality prototypes and operate high volume production. Over a decade of proven production experience and continuous investment in new equipment, which has provided us with expertise welding of most metals by laser machine. MS Machining supplies top laser welding service to the leading OEM brands in the world.

Advantages of Custom laser cutting machine

1. Fast speed, large depth and small deformation.

2. It can weld at room temperature or under special conditions, and the welding equipment is simple to install. For example, the laser passes through the electromagnetic field, the beam will not be deflected; the laser can weld in vacuum, air and some kind of gas environment, and can weld through glass or materials transparent to the beam.

3. It can weld refractory materials such as titanium, quartz, etc., and can weld heterogeneous materials with good results.

4、After laser focusing, the power density is high, and the depth to width ratio can reach 5:1 and up to 10:1 when welding high power devices.

5. Micro welding can be performed. The laser beam can be focused to obtain a very small spot, and can be precisely positioned, can be used in the mass automated production of micro and small workpiece group welding.

6. It is possible to weld inaccessible parts and perform non-contact long-distance welding, which has great flexibility. Especially in recent years, in the YAG laser processing technology using fiber optic transmission technology, so that the laser welding technology has been more widely promoted and applied.

7. The laser beam is easy to realize beam splitting by time and space, which enables simultaneous processing of multiple beams and multi-station processing, providing conditions for more precise welding.

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