The basic knowledge of CNC vertical lathe
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The basic knowledge of CNC vertical lathe

Every kind of machine has a main axis, the main operation process, and the CNC vertical lathe is no exception, its tool holder is quite important, itself is not powerful, it does need force!
  The turret tool holder of CNC vertical lathe has about 4-12 knives, and there are more for large machines. Some machine tools have double tool holders, three tool holders. According to the complexity of the processing parts selected, generally 8-12 knives have been sufficient, there may be equipment with knives. Machining center tool magazine, there are 10-40. 60, 80, 120, etc., the choice of the principle of enough.
  CNC lathe tool change time, due to its simple structure than the machining center, adjacent tool replacement up to 0.3s, diagonal tool change 1s or so.
  In addition, for the normal operation of the machine tool, the tooling system and the purchase of various tools should also pay sufficient attention to the purchase cost of tools is sometimes quite high. Machining center tool shanks are a few hundred dollars each, some thousands of dollars.
  It is also because the requirements of different machining parts are different and the types are getting more and more numerous, so we should choose the corresponding CNC vertical lathe according to different objects, any enterprise has a certain range of products, and any CNC vertical lathe serves for specific machining objects. After the CNC lathe factory has figured out its product object, product platform and investment planning, the function of machine tool reservation also has a clear conclusion. There is always a long-term plan for enterprise development, and all have their own product objects. Machine selection should be carried out within their own specific range, beyond the specific range of machine selection is not considered good selection. Such as the main technical specifications of CNC lathes, should be in the premise of meeting the current product requirements, while leaving some room for the foreseeable future, to avoid the lack of sufficient adaptability of the machine.
  But the auxiliary functions of the machine tool is cautious, such as the aforementioned online detection function, tool monitoring function, tool magazine capacity, etc.. Any increase in auxiliary functions, as far as the body of the machine is concerned, not only the increase in mechanical components, but also to increase the capacity of the control system and its corresponding monitoring capabilities.
  Of course, in the selection of machine tools there is no shortage of accessories to choose from the lack of items caused by the subsequent production is not adapted to the situation. For a wide range of processing, the use of complex general-purpose machine tools, such as tool manufacturing machine tools, the choice of machine accessories should be as far as possible.
  Generally speaking, the machine tool function reserved for the use of machine tool life as a benchmark is more appropriate. CNC machine tool life (here mainly refers to the mechanical body) can generally be considered by 10-15 years. British Rolls-Royce company of a factory, the implementation of a CNC lathe transformation program, starting in 1988, the factory of eight VDF CNC lathes used for 10 years to transform, every year back to the Burlingame factory overhaul two, restore the accuracy of the configuration of the new CNC system. This not only makes full use of the bed stability of the old machine tools, but also improves the performance of the machine tools to meet the needs of technological development, which is a good method
  The reliability of machine operation includes two meanings, on the one hand, the user requires the choice of machine tools in the service life of as few failures as possible, on the other hand, the user requires continuous operation of the machine is stable and reliable. The reliability of machine operation determines the total quality of the machine.
  For large and complex parts used in the processing of CNC vertical lathes, especially machining centers or flexible machining units, the requirements of continuous operation of the machine tool stability is extremely prominent, some parts a clamping continuous processing up to 40 h. This use of state more in the heavy machinery industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace industry. With the development of CNC technology, FMS continues to use, the main equipment of these systems – the reliability of continuous operation of processing machine tools, far more demanding than stand-alone CNC machine tools. Under the existing conditions, the user in the selection process of the machine tool reliability evaluation, generally taken to be selected by the manufacturer of the old user visits, to understand the use of machine tools. Multiple machine selection, as far as possible, the same manufacturer’s CNC system. In this way, even if a failure occurs, it can also bring convenience to the maintenance work.



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