The working principle and usage procedure of CMM
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The working principle and usage procedure of CMM

CMM is a kind of instrument that has a detector that can move in three directions and can move on three mutually perpendicular guides. The detector transmits signals in a contact or non-contact way, and the displacement measurement system of three axes (such as optical scale) calculates the coordinates (x,y,z) of each point of the workpiece and various functions by data processor or computer.

Its working principle is the use of light around the measurement system made by the commonly known as optical ruler, its light source through the aiming lens and projected to the moving scale and the main scale, by its light waves to produce Moire stripes bright and dark signal principle, by the photoelectric tube to receive its signal, after amplification and correction can be displayed, its system and output signal situation.
CMM is a kind of precision measuring instrument, if maintenance and care are done timely, it can prolong the service life of the machine, and make the accuracy guaranteed and the failure rate reduced. In order to make customers better master and use the measuring machine, we now list the simple maintenance and servicing procedures of the measuring machine. If you want to understand in detail, please participate in the regular hardware training organized by Guangjing Precision Company or each office.
First, the preparation before starting the machine
1、The CMM has strict environmental requirements, and the temperature and humidity should be strictly controlled according to the contract requirements.
2、The CMM uses air float bearing, which is theoretically never wear structure, but if the air source is not clean, there is oil, water or impurities, the CMM will not be able to be used. Water or impurities.
Will cause air float bearing blockage, serious will cause air float bearing and air float guide scratch, the consequences are serious. Therefore, we should check the air source of the machine every day, drain the water and oil. Regularly clean the filter and oil-water separator. Should also pay attention to the machine tool air source before the air source, (air compressor or centralized air supply tank) should also be regularly checked.
Coordinate measuring machine guide processing precision is very high, and the clearance of the air bearing is very small, if there is dust or other debris above the guide
If there is dust or other debris on the guide rail, it is easy to cause air floating bearing and guide rail scratches. So each time before starting the machine should clean the machine guide, metal guide wipe with aviation gasoline (120 or 180 gasoline), granite guide wipe with anhydrous ethanol.
Remember not to give any guide on any nature of grease during the maintenance process.
5、 Periodically put a small amount of anti-rust oil on the light bar, filament rod and rack.
In a long time without using the CMM, you should make preparations before starting the machine: control the temperature and humidity of the room (more than 24 hours), in the southern humid environment should also open the electric control cabinet regularly, so that the circuit board also gets fully dried, to avoid damage to the electric control system due to moisture and then suddenly add electricity. Then check whether the air source and power supply are normal.
Check the power supply before starting, such as the conditions should be configured to stabilize the power supply, and regularly check the grounding, grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms.
Second, the work process.
1, the parts to be measured before being put on the table for testing, should be cleaned and deburred to prevent the coolant and processing residues remaining on the surface of the parts after processing is completed affect the measurement accuracy of the measuring machine and the service life of the measuring tip.
Measured parts should be measured before the indoor temperature, if the temperature difference is too large will affect the measurement accuracy.
3, large and heavy parts in the process of placing to the table should be placed lightly to avoid causing violent collisions, resulting in damage to the table or parts. If necessary, a thick rubber can be placed on the table to prevent collisions.
4, small and light parts placed on the table, should be fastened before measurement, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy.
5, in the course of work, the measurement base in the rotation (especially with extensions) must be far away from the parts to avoid collision.
6, in the course of work if an abnormal noise or sudden emergency, do not disassemble and repair by yourself, please contact our company in time, our company will arrange for strictly trained personnel to go, and promise to help customers solve the problem at the fastest speed.
After the operation
1、Please move the Z-axis to the bottom, but should avoid the measuring tip to hit the table.
2、To clean the worktable after the work is finished.
3、Check the guide rail, if there is a watermark, please check the filter in time. If there is a scratch or bruise also please contact our company in time to avoid causing greater
4、Turn off the total air source of the machine after the work is finished.



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