What tools are used for stainless steel machining? Stainless steel processing methods
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What tools are used for stainless steel machining? Stainless steel processing methods

Processing stainless steel with tools mainly stainless steel special milling cutters, stainless steel cutter grain, stainless steel taps and drills, etc.

A, stainless steel processing characteristics
According to the different organization of stainless steel at room temperature, stainless steel can be divided into ferritic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, precipitation hardening stainless steel. Most factories process stainless steel, mainly 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. 201 and 304 material, with ordinary carbide coated milling cutter, it is easy to process. And 316 material, or stainless steel contains more impurities and high hard, you need to choose stainless steel special tools. Stainless steel processing mainly has the following characteristics.

(1) cutting force is large
Compared with other hard-to-cut materials, the strength and hardness of stainless steel is not high. But stainless steel processing its plasticity and toughness, high temperature, high strength, severe machining hardening.
(2) high cutting temperature
(3) easy to stick to the tool and generate chip tumor
(4) chip breakage difficulties (cutting is not easy to curl and fracture)
(5) easy to wear the tool
(6) large coefficient of linear expansion

Second, what material should be selected for processing stainless steel tools?
If milling 201 and 304 and other common stainless steel materials, with ordinary carbide coated milling cutter, choose 4 edges, you can be very good milling. Secondly, all major CNC tool suppliers have special milling cutters for stainless steel, customers who are not too price sensitive, you can choose this type of tool.
When processing stainless steel, it is best to choose high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness are good, good thermal conductivity of the material.

Carbide class materials; YG class and YW class, etc..
High-speed steel class materials; W6Mo5Cr4V2Al, W10Mo4CrV3Al, etc..

Third, stainless steel machining reasonable cutting parameters
Stainless steel processing can be divided into rough machining and finishing, rough machining can choose TiC content is relatively low YW class and YT class carbide; if finishing, you can choose to use the high TiC content of YW class and YT class carbide.
Secondly, in order to prevent the chipping of the machining stainless steel, the strength of the cutting edge should be improved, and the front angle is better to choose a smaller value or negative value. If machining stainless steel with carbide, its helix angle is better to 5~10 degrees. If you use high-speed steel end mills, you should choose 35 to 45 degrees. In milling stainless steel, it is best to choose an end mill with a larger helix angle, while milling stainless steel tubes or thin-walled workpieces, you can choose corn end mills.

The amount of common stainless steel milling.
Carbide end mills; cutting speed 10~140m/min; feed 0.013~0.15mm/z.
High-speed steel end mills; cutting speed 8~40m/min; feed 0.013~0.15mm/z.

Fourth, the processing of stainless steel other knowledge
1, processing of high hardness stainless steel, it is best not to use high-speed steel end mills.
2, if the steel part hardness is high, choose a lower milling dosage.
3, when the side draft is large, choose a lower milling speed.
4, the use of coated carbide tools, milling speed can be increased by about 50%.
5, cutting should pay attention to the full cold to go, if using carbide tools for machining stainless steel, do not use water-soluble cutting fluid, to avoid the cutting edge to bear a large thermal stress, causing chipping.

It seems so much, processing stainless steel with what tool? With stainless steel processing methods, I believe you have a thorough understanding. Dongguan Dahai CNC provides processing 303 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel ordinary carbide tools, with 316 stainless steel, high hard stainless steel and other 86P stainless steel special tools.



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