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How To Process Precision Machining of Copper / Brass

Although copper / brass is not used much, but also will be used for precision mechanical parts processing, this kind of material parts in the drilling, easy to break the drill bit, this is due to the copper / brass drilling cutting force is small, and cutting temperature is low, due to the copper / brass itself is very high plasticity, will cause the chip is not easy to fracture, deformation, and thus will be rolled together, the problem of difficult chip removal. For the copper / brassmaterial precision machining small size hole drilling problems, we need to pay attention to some what?

  1. The clamping position of the drill bit must be correct, for the small diameter of the drill bit, due to its low stiffness, the axial force is easy to deformation bending, so that the hole is drilled crooked, resulting in the drill bit is easy to break. To avoid this, make the drill extend the chuck as short as possible to improve the rigidity of the drill pattern.
  2. The workpiece clamping position should be correct, the drilling surface must be level, so that the drill axis is perpendicular to the plane of the precision mechanical parts processing parts, to avoid drilling radial force, so that the drill flower bending, so that the hole drilling crooked, resulting in easy to break the drill bit; drilling small holes, in order to prevent the drill bit to run off, drilling can be used before drilling a center drill to drill a positioning hole, and then use the drill bit drilling.
  3. When drilling small holes of purple copper precision parts, add lubricating and cooling liquid, and use a mixture of 5%-8% emulsion and kerosene for lubricating and cooling liquid, or use vegetable oil for lubrication.
  4. Be sure to control or control the depth of each drilling hole strictly according to the diameter of the drill and chip removal, and diligently exit the drill for chip removal to prevent chips from blocking in the hole and making the drill bit break.



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